Offline Documentation for Zimbra 8.7.11 SOAP for Dash and Zeal

To start the new year well; wish you all the best for this new year by the way:). I took some time to convert the latest Zimbra SOAP documentation available into Docset format.

For those who do not know, Docset is a documentation format used by the software Dash and Zeal.
This software allows you to read these documents and other snippets offline. Convenient when you travel regularly.
Many integrations exist. There are connectors with the most popular IDEs; ATOM, PyCharm, etc. These allow searching the documentation of a function directly from the IDE.

I don’t know when the version 8.8 of the documentation will be available, but I’ll add it when it becomes public.

For those who use Dash the documentation is already available in the “User Contribution”section, for the others the integration is explained in the Readme of the following repository.

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